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Minimog -高转换电子商务 WordPress 主题

From custom design to built-in SEO and lightning speed, Minimog will help you get more sales from your online store. Minimog comes with 60+ sophisticated demos as well as 7+ header styles and 30+ footer styles. You can easily change colors, layouts or fonts of your store. It’s also packed with premium eCommerce features such as Product Bundles, Video Gallery, Sale Countdown Timer, and so much more that makes it easy to run & manage your online store.
从定制设计到内置 SEO 和闪电般的速度,Minimog 将帮助您从网上商店获得更多的销售。Minimog 提供了 60+复杂的演示,以及 7+页眉样式和 30+页脚样式。您可以轻松更改商店的颜色、布局或字体。它还配备了优质的电子商务功能,如产品捆绑包,视频库,销售倒计时计时器,等等,使其易于运行和管理您的在线商店。

Dokan Multivendor Dokan 多供应商

Dokan is the best front-end Multi-vendor marketplace for WordPress, built with the award-winning WordPress eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce. It allows WordPress users to create their own Amazon-like marketplaces within minutes. Dokan features Fast Installs, Customizable theme designs, and is optimized for High Performance and Security.
Dokan 是 WordPress 最好的前端多供应商市场,使用屡获殊荣的 WordPress 电子商务插件 WooCommerce 构建。它允许 WordPress 用户在几分钟内创建自己的类似亚马逊的市场。Dokan 具有快速安装,可定制的主题设计,并针对高性能和安全性进行了优化。

WooCommerce Simple Auctions
WooCommerce 简单拍卖

Quickly and Easily create a professional auction website or Ebay clone in minutes with our powerful WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin. This is the only WordPress auction plugin you will ever need and it’s even more affordable than the rest of similar solutions!
使用我们强大的 WooCommerce Simple Auctions 插件,在几分钟内快速轻松地创建专业的拍卖网站或 Ebay 克隆。这是唯一的 WordPress 拍卖插件,你将永远需要,它甚至比其他类似的解决方案更实惠!

Blog Ajax Loading 博客 Ajax 加载

Blog Ajax Loading allows your site to render without reloading pages, which Reduces the Server Traffic inside requests. You can Lower the Time Consumption on both sides’ responses significantly. As a result, your web visitors will never have to see a white window and wait for pages to refresh with Ajax implementation.
博客 Ajax 加载允许您的网站在不重新加载页面的情况下呈现,这减少了请求中的服务器流量。你可以大大降低双方反应的时间消耗。因此,您的 Web 访问者将永远不必看到一个白色窗口,并等待页面刷新 Ajax 实现。

Ultimate Mega Menu 终极超级菜单

Spice up your customer’s shopping experience with this Stylish and Flexible mega menu. It allows you to create flexible, multi-column menu items that can be customized based on customer needs. It creates a popup environment in which content can be displayed while keeping the rest of the page visible. This element offers a faster and more accessible way of navigating across pages.

Product Bundle 产品捆绑包

Increase your average order size by recommending related products on your product pages. Let shoppers know about complementary products, like a backpack with a water bottle purchase, or pairs of items such as earrings and hair accessories. Give customers the option to add several items to their cart in one click by bundling them together.

Quantity Discount 数量折扣

A great tool for getting customers to Buy More. The Quantity Discount feature allows you to reward customers for buying in bulk. When customers purchase a specific number of the same item, they get an additional discount on their order. For example, a common practice is “Buy 3, get 10% off”.
一个伟大的工具,让客户购买更多。批量折扣功能允许您奖励批量购买的客户。当客户购买特定数量的相同商品时,他们可以获得额外的折扣。例如,一个常见的做法是“买 3 件,打 9 折”。

Sales Countdown Timer 销售倒计时计时器

Create Urgency and Maximize Conversions by putting a countdown timer in your sales campaign. Sales Countdown Timer helps you to easily create urgency, scarcity and focus on the call to action. You can use this amazing feature to show special offers, discounts or create scarcity for your store.
通过在您的销售活动中放置倒计时器来创建紧急性并最大限度地提高转化率。Sales Countdown Timer 可帮助您轻松创建紧迫性、稀缺性并专注于行动号召。您可以使用这个惊人的功能来显示特别优惠,折扣或为您的商店创造稀缺性。

Product Frequently Bought Together

Help shoppers find related and complementary products with Product Frequently Bought Together feature. Customer-triggered recommendations for “Frequently Bought Together” items on product pages increase average order values. In addition, you can cross-sell products that are frequently bought together on your store’s homepage and/or cart page to boost your bottom line even further!

Shoppable Images 可购买的图片

Turn product images into revenue. This is the easiest way to boost sales for your online store. When you enable our Shoppable Images feature, your main product images will display the prices and names of products featured in those images. Customers can then shop directly through your images.

Minimog – Core Features: Minimog—核心功能:

  • 10+ Modern Shop Layouts
  • 10+ Product Page Layouts
  • 07+ Header Styles 07+标题样式
  • 30+ Footer Styles 30+页脚样式
  • Prebuild Inner Pages 预构建内部页面
  • Product Swatches 产品样本
  • Product Badge 产品徽章
  • Product Bundles 产品捆绑包
  • Product Video Gallery 产品视频库
  • Product 360 Degree 产品 360 度
  • Product Quantity Discount
  • Product Quantity Select 产品数量选择
  • Product Frequently Bought Together
  • Product Quick View 产品快速查看
  • Product Custom Tabs 产品自定义选项卡
  • Flying Cart 飞行车
  • Hover Styles 悬停样式
  • Wishlist 愿望单
  • Catalog Mode 目录模式
  • Direct Browse Lookbook 直接浏览 Lookbook
  • Multi-currency Switcher 多货币转换器
  • Sale Countdown Timer 销售倒计时器
  • Shoppable Images 可购买的图片
  • Real-time visitors 实时访客
  • Delivery Infomation 配送信息
  • Product Buy Now 产品 Buy Now
  • Low Stock Notice 低库存通知
  • Sticky add-to-cart bar 粘滞的添加到购物车栏




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