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IMPREZA – The Only Theme You Can Completely Test Drive Before Buying
翼豹 – 购买前唯一可以完全试驾的主题

The #1 Best-Rated Top-Seller (90,000+ Sales) Theme
#1 最受好评的畅销书(90,000+ 销售额)主题

  • Fast & Simple Demo Installer
  • Visual Drag and Drop Builder
  • 300+ Pre-Made Web Page Designs
    300+ 预制网页设计
  • 200+ Powerful Yet Simple Theme Options
    200+ 强大而简单的主题选项
  • The Most Powerful Header Builder on the Market
  • The Most Powerful Grid Builder on the Market
  • Reusable Global Blocks 可重用的全局块
  • Developer-Friendly 开发人员友好
  • Optimized for Speed and SEO
  • 8 Premium Addons Included Worth $428
    包括 8 个高级附加组件,价值 428 美元
  • Free Lifetime Updates Included
  • Illustrated Knowledge Base and Support Portal

Test Drive Free Now | Get Your Impreza Now
立即免费试驾 |立即获取您的翼豹

Fast & Simple Demo Installer

  • Full or Partial Import 全部或部分导入
  • Multiple Demos Import 多个演示导入
  • 300+ Pre-Built Pages 300+ 预建页面

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“As a web designer I can install everything manually but this theme simplified the work by giving one click option to import demo and install addon plugins.” – @MD-Designs

Create Exactly What You Want. With the Most Customizable Theme on the Market.

  • Unlimited Designs 无限设计
  • 50+ Rich Builder Elements
    50+ 丰富的构建器元素
  • Advanced Options System 高级选项系统
  • 300+ Powerful Yet Simple Theme Options
    300+ 强大而简单的主题选项
  • Advanced Portfolio & Gallery Options
  • Advanced Page & Blog Options
  • Unlimited Page Layouts 无限的页面布局
  • One Page Sites 单页网站
  • The Most Powerful Header Builder on the Market
  • 14 Pre-Designed Starting Headers
    14 个预先设计的起始接头
  • The Most Powerful Grid Builder on the Market
  • 52 Pre-Designed Starting Grid Layouts
    52 种预先设计的起始网格布局
  • Footer Builder 页脚生成器
  • Form Builder 表单生成器
  • Built-In Mega Menus 内置超级菜单
  • Popups / Lightboxes 弹出窗口/灯箱
  • Advanced Typography Settings
  • Custom Font Uploader 自定义字体上传器
  • Translations Support & RTL
    翻译支持和 RTL
  • Dynamic Content 动态内容

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“What an amazing theme. I love how versatile it is – basically, Impreza gives you a blank slate to create a completely customizable website that fits your specific needs or desires. I’m so glad I made the decision to purchase this theme two years ago!” – @WhispyWillows
“多么神奇的主题。我喜欢它的多功能性——基本上,Impreza 为您提供了一张白纸,可以创建一个完全可定制的网站,以满足您的特定需求或愿望。我很高兴我在两年前决定购买这个主题@WhispyWillows!

Get More Built-In Abilities Than Ever With the 44 Rich Builder Elements
通过 44 个丰富的构建器元素获得比以往更多的内置功能

Row, Text Block, Page Block, Image, Image Slider, Separator, Button, IconBos, ActionBox, Counter, Sharing Buttons, Social Links, Grid, Carousel, Popup, FlipBox, Interactive Text, Interactive Banner, Map, Person, Pricing Table, Progress Bar, Contact Form, Contact Info, Message Box, Page Scroller, Page Title, Breadcrumbs, Post Title, Post Image, Post Date, Post Author, Post Taxonomy, Post Comments, Post Prev/Next Navigation, Post Custom Field, Horizontal Wrapper, Product gallery, Product data, Product “Add to cart” block, Product ordering, Tabs, Accordion, Vertical Tabs, Video Player
行, 文本块, 页面块, 图像, 图像滑块, 分隔符, 按钮, 图标 Bos, 动作框, 计数器, 共享按钮, 社交链接, 网格, 轮播, 弹出窗口, FlipBox, 交互式文本, 交互式横幅, 地图, 人物, 定价表, 进度条, 联系表格, 联系信息, 消息框, 页面滚动条, 页面标题, 面包屑, 帖子标题, 帖子图片, 发布日期, 帖子作者, 帖子分类, 帖子评论, 帖子上一个/下一个导航, 发布自定义字段, 水平包装器, 产品库, 产品数据, 产品“添加到购物车”块, 产品订购, 标签, 手风琴, 垂直标签, 视频播放器

... And Customize Any Element Like Never Before!

Create Any Header You Want. With the Most Powerful Header Builder on the Market

  • Supports Unique Header Per Page
  • 14 Pre-Designed Starting Templates Included
    包括 14 个预先设计的起始模板

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“The built in header builder for this theme is a life saver. Very helpful and my client can easily make changes themselves, it’s that easy to use.” – @cmd-developer

Create Any Grid Layout You Want. With the Most Powerful Grid Builder on the Market

  • 52 Pre-Designed Starting Templates Included
    包括 52 个预先设计的起始模板
  • Supports Blogs, Portfolios and ANY Other Listings
  • Add Dynamic Content 添加动态内容

Build Your Site in Your Language

  • 100% Translatable 100% 可翻译
  • Native RTL Support 原生 RTL 支持
  • Multilingual-Ready 多语言就绪
  • Certified WPML-Ready 经认证的 WPML 就绪

Built-in Community-Powered Translations Into German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, French



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